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Differences between Japanese and Chinese

The Japanese and Chinese are two different cultures that not only live in separate countries, but also generally have many differences. However, they also have some things in common. Generally speaking, Europeans cannot distinguish between Japanese and Chinese at first glance, as their cultural origins are very similar and their appearance does not allow a direct classification.

The language

Even if both work with Chinese characters, it is still the case that the Japanese and Chinese have different national languages. It should be noted that the mass of Chinese in the world has already led to the idea that Chinese could actually also become a commercial language, but English was agreed for the sake of simplicity.

The country

Japan is much smaller than China and is located on an island. Nevertheless, the two countries have a very large population for the corresponding area, which made birth control necessary, especially in the Chinese region. Families were only allowed to have one child. For this reason, many children were illegally aborted, because only the birth of a boy could preserve the family tree. In the meantime, however, families are also allowed to have two children, as population growth has declined again.

 China and Japen on the map

China and Japen on the map

Characteristics of peoples

Basically, the Chinese are known for their growing popularity in the field of cheap products. Many products are manufactured cheaply in China for Europe and North America and then exported.

The Japanese are more known for high technology but also for their crazy life. You like to dress flashy and have many hobbies and always set a fashion trend. Cosplay or mangas come from these regions.