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Does the Sanctum Cave Really Exist in Papua New Guinea?

Many know James Cameron’s film – “Sanctum”. And everyone who saw it was probably very impressed by a cave entrance. This cave or the film is set in Papua New Guinea and many people have been wondering whether the cave really exists and whether it can be visited? Can you do it on your own?

The cave does not exist

First of all, there is rather bad news: the cave that can be seen in the film does not exist like this. But there are many similar versions of it that are definitely worth checking out as well.

The entire story is based on true narratives and memories that were made into a film. However, what is shown is not always the reality. This is best seen at Sanctum. The film was also not shot in Papua New Guinea, but in Australia. The film was partially animated.

Where are there similar caves?

If you are impressed by these pools, you should head to Mexico. In the Caribbean Sea there are some of these caves that were seen in the film and maybe someone can be found there who can show you up close.