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The economic benefits of the glacial series are of enormous importance. This is often discussed in geography lessons. The glacial series describes certain landscape forms that were created in a certain order in Central Europe by the glacier advance under the glaciers on the edge and in the fore. In this article, you will learn the benefits of ground moraine, terminal moraine, sand and glacial valley.

The economic benefit

The ground moraine has a very high clay and mineral content, which means that high-quality agriculture can be practiced in this area of ​​land. The pressure of the ice and the subgracial meltwater channels resulted in crushed deposits, which is why the farm is particularly suitable here, for example sugar beet, barley or wheat.

The terminal moraines are always covered with dense forest. Here the less pronounced moraines are used for further agricultural cultivation of rye or fodder grain.

The sand areas are rarely used agriculturally because the soil quality is too poor for high-quality use. Pine plantations are often created here. Here people like to run the »processing industry«. This means that feed grain is forwarded directly to the cattle breeders, because cattle are also farmed on the sand areas, such as pigs or cows.

In the glacial valleys the groundwater level is very high, which is why many rivers and streams run through the country. In the valleys, cattle breeding or fruit and vegetable growing are practiced almost exclusively.

The benefits of the individual components of the glacial series are therefore well used agriculturally. Each area is exploited according to its advantages.

If you would like to visualize this, you will find a 45-second YouTube video about the glacial series that is very well graphically and simply represented. To do this, click on the following link: