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We humans live together with all other living beings known to us on the planet which is the third closest to the sun. Our planet – the earth – is the fifth largest and densest of all planets in the solar system. It’s about 4.6 billion years old.

How big and heavy is the earth?

If the earth were cut open exactly in the middle, at the equator, and measured from one side, exactly through the middle, to exactly the other side, then it would have a diameter of over 12,700 kilometers .

The total surface of our planet is 510,000,000 square kilometers . That means about 23,330,000,000 soccer fields. That sounds pretty big at the beginning, if you look at the earth and compare it with the other planets in our solar system, then it is not even that big, because it is only the fifth largest planet in it. If you compare it to the universe, the earth looks like a speck of dust.

The blue planet orbits in a orbit , which is 149,600,000 kilometers from the sun , as the third planet through our solar system. With the help of physics and mathematics, scientists have calculated the weight of the earth.

It weighs a lot for floating around! If you were to put it on a scale, it would show a weight of 5.975 trillion tons . For comparison: an elephant can weigh up to 5 tons.