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The commitment of children and young people must be encouraged at an early stage. OroVerde therefore organizes the competition “Schoolchildren protect the rainforest!”. In the competition, schoolchildren campaigns are awarded that have the topic of protecting tropical forests. Participants have the opportunity to support nature conservation projects together with OroVerde. Other participants shoot advertisements for the rainforest. The winners of the competition will be rewarded with great prizes.

Teachers and students are invited to take part in “Students protect the rainforest!”. In the kids area, the youngest receive various information or can take part in art auctions and raffles.

Rainforest protection is an important issue to which everyone must do their part. With individual campaigns such as “Buy consciously” or “Win ​​your neighbors”, rainforest protection is advertised and people are encouraged to participate. On this page, interested parties can find all the important information about the competition as well as the conditions of participation.

To be searched for

exciting actions, with:

  • – a lot of creativity and imagination. It’s about showing initiative and proving that you can set something in motion
  • – Information about why intact tropical forests are so important for Germany.
  • – everything you need to know to effectively support nature conservation projects. OroVerde’s children and youth projects are just one possibility.
  • – the chance to address the public. Working together towards a goal and providing information!
  • Conditions for participation
  • You can find the conditions of participation for “Protect the rainforest!” here .
  • Deadline for submissions
  • The deadline for documentation is July 31st

Criteria for the evaluation

We look forward to all contributions, whether from comprehensive school, a secondary school or from citizens’ initiatives and kindergartens or primary schools. The evaluation is carried out by an independent jury made up of environmentalists, politicians and education experts. The points are awarded for:

  • – Originality in the implementation
  • – Effect and role model
  • – you actively contribute to rainforest protection with your campaign
  • – You inform the public about the important topic.

Useful information for all participants

  • – There are tips and ideas for project examples for smaller groups and school classes. Last year’s posts provide inspiration about the possibilities that rainforest protection offers.
  • – We have summarized the most important information about the competition for you in a special information flyer.
  • – Would you like to sponsor a child project? We look forward to your support!

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