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Slovenia and Slovakia – similarities and differences

Slovenia and Slovakia are two European countries with similar names and some similarities but also many differences. The latter can be seen, for example, in the history of the states or their population figures.

Geographical similarities and differences

Both Slovenia and Slovakia borders with Austria and Hungary and are therefore due to the geographical proximity in the same time zone. Although there are more than twice as many people in Slovakia with around 5.5 million inhabitants as in Slovenia with around 2 million inhabitants, the population densities are at about the same level. In both countries, the largest city is also the capital , which is called Ljubljana in Slovenia and Bratislava in Slovakia.

Differences and similarities regarding the historical background

The two Slavic states differ in their history. While Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia until 1991, Slovakia is a result of the division of Czechoslovakia in 1993. Both countries are parliamentary democracies and since 2004 also EU and NATO members. Slovenia has been using the euro as a means of payment since 2007, and Slovakia since 2009.

Other similarities and differences

In both southern Slavic Slovenia and western Slavic Slovakia, the majority of the population is Roman Catholic. The common linguistic roots show, for example, at the respective same word for Slowenin or Slowakin ( “Slovenka”). In both countries, the sport plays a big role, where in addition to football and hockey have an important setting value in Slovenia offers soccer, handball, basketball and Slovakia.