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Everyone may know that Barcelona and Ibiza belong to Spain. More precisely to Catalonia and therefore the residents are also called Catalonians. But how are the inhabitants called and are there only uniform names?

People who live in Barcelona are known as Barcelonians. Alternatively also as Barceloneses. Not that difficult at all. Those who live in Ibiza, however, are called “Ibizenker”. In Spanish, however, it is the “Ibizenkos”, so this variant and not the German variant should always be chosen.

Are there also names for the residents of Mallorca?

Since there are two islands, the residents could also be referred to as “islanders”. But this is of course a German term and of course completely unknown in Catalonia. The inhabitants of the island’s capital Palma (Mallorca) are known as Palmesans.

No uniform designation

There is no uniform name for the inhabitants of Barcelona and Ibiza, just as there is no common name for the inhabitants of the Balearic Islands. Rather, the names differ depending on the place or city. It’s not as easy in Spain as it is in German. People who live in Stuttgart are simply referred to as “Stuttgarters” or Swabians and those who live in Berlin as “Berliners”. But that makes us an exception worldwide. Usually this is much more complicated.