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Establishment of the Mormon Church

Founder Joseph Smith believed himself the chosen one when he founded the Mormon Faith in 1830. He believed that only he would be able to bring back the true Church.

He wanted to get more followers for his faith. To do this, he circulated a legend. This legend was about the fact that at the age of 14 he had seen apparitions from God and Jesus. According to his story, he was commissioned by God to see that the church should exist again according to the origins of biblical teaching. He is said to have been told that the other Christian religions no longer live and work according to the actual goal of the Bible.

The Making of the Book of Mormon

Smith announced that he had received a stack of gold plates from the Prophet Moroni. This is said to have appeared to him as an angel. In addition, the gold plates had Reform Egyptian characters, which could only be read and translated with special prophetic glasses. That translation by Smith then became the Book of Mormon, which is the holy book of Mormons. In addition, the Bible and other holy scriptures are still important in this religious community.

Membership growth

The stories of Joseph Smith were very successful. In the first year alone he managed to get 280 followers to bind himself to him and his newly founded “Church of Christ”. The number of members of this religious community grew steadily. After 10 years there were already 17,000 people in the circle of this new church.
To date, approximately 10 million people are members of the Mormon Church. However, it can be said that numerous spin-offs have also taken place. One of them, which is called the greatest, is the “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”.


The US is the center of the Mormons. More specifically, it can be said here that Salt Lake City is the center of this community worldwide. This city became famous in 2002 because the Winter Olympics were held there. Salt Lake City was founded in 1848 by Mormons. With the help and guidance of Brigham Young, who succeeded Smith, the Mormons turned this town into a flourishing cultural landscape. And that although it was previously a salt desert, which was not exactly economical.


A Mormon must adhere to strict rules of conduct. You must not consume alcohol, coffee, tea or cigarettes. The reason here is belief. Polygamy was also common among Mormons for a while. This meant that a man could be married to several women. But when a ban on this polygamy came into force in 1890, this changed. In addition, the Mormons are also such that they completely reject sex before marriage. But that’s not all. It is also customary for a tenth of the Church’s income to be donated.

Promote this religious community

Young Mormons must promote their faith. In other words, it can also be said here that they are proselytizing.
It is common for many to travel to other foreign countries to disseminate information for this religion around the world. This is usually done after vocational training or before studying. They are most successful in Latin America and East Asia, as this is where they find most of the new believers. In contrast, the number of new members tends to decline in the western industrialized countries.

Are Mormons members of a sect or true Christians?

The Mormon faith says that only they are the members of the only true Church. For this reason, other Christian churches consider the followers to be a sect. Secret temple rituals also confirm the reputation of a sect.

In reality, Mormons have absolutely nothing in common with the early Church. There are terms from the Bible that are also used by Mormons. But these are defined differently and put into practice.

Important contents of belief

Mormons always want to behave right and according to faith. This is the only way to enable them to transform themselves into a higher and divine being.
Another important content of belief is that there was a time when God was human and existed on earth.