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We subdivide the main categories into the most important subject areas. You will find information on geography, weather and climate, economy and agriculture.

We always keep you informed about the latest and most current topics around our planet, its climate, the economy and the geography.

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The topics

Many of the articles and posts are intended to provide general clarification on the topics mentioned above and can thus give you a new perspective on things.


We are not only concerned with geography in Germany, but worldwide. You will receive informative and worth knowing articles on national topics. For example, you will learn why Germany has 16 federal states and how they have developed from a completely new perspective.

If the difference between the Japanese and the Chinese has ever preoccupied you, then you will also find an article on this topic.

Climate & weather

Have you ever wondered what types of lightning there might be? Then you should definitely read the article with this content.

There are ebb and flow not only in the North Sea. This phenomenon also takes place in the Mediterranean. Take a look at the post.


You can find important twists and turns in relation to the one-child policy in China and how the law governs twins in the Economy category.

There are a few other posts below.


You will find a lot of information in this category that is not only inspiring for farmers.

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